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Pathways for a positive future

We believe every young adult needs a safe place to live and  the caring supportive relationships to successfully create a pathway for a positive future.

The need for safe and supportive homes for youth in transition continues to grow. In 2018, about 6,700 Minnesotan children entered foster care. The number of children in Minnesota foster care on an average day rose 14% from 2016 to 2018, with estimated 10,050 children in out-of-home placement daily. 

We serve:

  • Youth from age 18-24 who are in need of out-of-home care.
  • Youth and young adults with therapeutic needs referrals
  • Young adults aged 18 – 24 who meet certain eligibility requirements.

Our mission is to reunify children to caring family members and community whenever possible while providing pathways for a positive future.

Journeys Is committed to the assistance of developing and young adults.  If you are a late-teen or in your 20’s,  Journeys is here to offer Advice, Guidance, and Assistance in getting you on a solid path to begin your journey.

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Whether you are in high school, working on your GED or wanting to attend college, Journeys helps you set and progress toward your educational goals.

We work with you to address and overcome any barriers by:

  • Advocating for you at school
  • Helping you complete GED and other coursework
  • Preparing for higher education applications
  • Filing for financial aid including FAFSA
  • Connecting to scholarships, when available
  • Search for jobs
  • Fill out job applications
  • Build resumes and cover letters
  • Connect you with our partner agencies to find employment opportunities
  • Find employment for youth with a criminal background
  • Provide work-appropriate clothing
WACS programs for young adults help the in connecting families and professionals with local community services. If you are looking for help and don’t know where to start, WACS can help in guiding to your needs.
  • Mental or physical Health Application processes
  • filing out documentation properly
  • Connecting with serve providers
  • Mental Health Referrals
    • Here at Journeys we focus on giving you the tools you need to successfully navigate the challenges you are facing. Our professionals are dedicated to helping you choose the best path for your journey, through strong mental health and well-being.

    Search for affordable housing options

    • Apply for financial assistance with rent and bills
    • Find shelters in Waseca and surrounding Counties (there are no youth shelters in Waseca County)
    • Connect you to Communities of Waseca County in partnership with Public Health and agencies that can be beneficial with your situation at hand.
    • Refer you to Transitional Living Programs

    *WACS is an access point for an Assessment that fits your pathway f or a positive future of your chose.

    The majority of homeless youth have a history of trauma and often times long-term physical, emotional, and mental health issues. Others have been radically affected by a sudden change in family circumstances and must fend for themselves.

    When young people arrive at our doors, they are in need of a supportive community that understands what faces them each day and can guide them through rebuilding their livesWe are working hard to help these young people by providing them emergency and long term recourses,with access to their most basic needs such as

    • Food from our food pantry
    • Clothes, coats, and shoes from our clothing closet
    • Hygiene products
    • A hot shower
    • A hot, nutritious meal
    • Laundry facilities

    Then, we help them find a path to their future by:

    • Providing youth advocacy
    • Securing safe, affordable housing
    • Finding employment
    • Finishing their education
    • Accessing health and wellness services
    • Meeting spiritual needs via Christian-based
    • We help guide you through the admissions processes, handling all of your concerns related to cost and insurance so that you don’t have to.
    • Understanding addiction, the pain it causes, and how to guide people to long-term referral recovery is our mission to give you options for a pathway to a positive future of your choosing.