In February 2013, the first meeting was held to discuss the need for services for caregivers and care recipients. A group of community leaders were present, led by a local Parish Nurse. After some discussion the decision was made to move forward. The local clinic had discontinued these services a few years earlier.

     VINE Faith Action in Mankato provided seed money for the year and the know-how to start “Some Time Away”, a four hour weekly respite program. The purpose of which was to give caregivers a four hour time to do other things, at the same time providing the care receiver with a safe, socially active, away from home experience.

     In September 2013, “Some Time Away” began and continues, located at Faith United Methodist Church with its lake view and easy parking.

     In July 2014, Minnesota River Area Agency on Aging (MNRAAA) gave us a grant to continue the programming until we became self-sustaining. They have continued to support us, both financially and the nuts and bolts of running an organization.

     We tried to come under the umbrella of other organizations that didn’t work out. The summer of 2015, we had no funding but persevered with volunteers. In the fall, we received a grant from (MNRAAA) to continue on.

     Currenly, our funding is from MNRAAA & DHS, Local Grants, Community stakeholders and Private Donations

     We have a dedicated Board of Directors. In June 2016, we received our non-profit status with the State of Minnesota and the Federal Government.

     Although funding has been challenging, we continue to provide an expanding program base. Waseca needs a place to meet the needs of caregivers and care receivers. And, we Are That Place. Waseca Area Caregiver Services.


Sherry Scholljegerdes

Former Acting Director Sherry is a Registered Nurse. She worked for many years as a Women’s Healthcare Nurse Practitioner.  Through her efforts and those of others, Waseca Area Caregiver Services became a reality. in 2012.

Galen Spain 

Former Administrative Assistant Galen was in the radio communications manufacturing industry for 38 years, specializing in voice and data transmission. He was the Director of Operations and Manufacturing for Dataradio which was a company that split from E.F. Johnson in 1997. His educational emphasis was in Quality Assurance and Lean Manufacturing principals. He was with Waseca Area Caregiver Services from 2016 until the time of his passing in 2019. He is sorely missed by all.







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