Caregiver Consultant

Caregiver Consultation is a service that can help caregivers develop strategies to achieve a balanced lifestyle, allowing the caregiver to provide both good care and protect their own health. It is offered throughout Minnesota by professionals who are certified Caregiver Consultants. Consultants are certified by the Minnesota Board on Aging by meeting basic standards and completing training. Caregiver Consultation involves identifying a caregiver’s strengths, needs and goals, and developing a plan with the caregiver.

Caregiver consultants are available to:
* Unpaid family, partners, and friends who provide care to an older adult (60 years or older)
* Unpaid family, partners, and friends who provide on-going care to younger persons with dementia
* Persons age 55 or older who live with and care for a grandchild, other relative’s child, or an adult child with a disability

Caregiver Consultants may provide:
* Caregiving education and skills training
* Self-care and stress management suggestions
* Disease-specific information to support caregiving
* Guidance on managing family and care team relationships
* Communication and assertiveness skills training
* Support in developing informal networks of support
* Family meeting facilitation

Individuals who are unwilling or unable to share in the cost by paying the amount suggested on the sliding fee scale will not be denied service.